Outbound Alaska Charters Rates

Outbound Alaska Charters cordially invites you to join us in Sitka, Alaska this year for an Alaska fishing vacation of a lifetime.

  1-4 Anglers per Boat 5 Anglers per Boat 6 Anglers per Boat
3 days fishing /
4 nights lodging
$2,900 PP $2,850 PP $2,700 PP
4 days fishing /
5 nights lodging
$3,700 PP $3,650 PP $3,500 PP
5 days fishing /
6 nights lodging
$4,500 PP $4,450 PP $4,300 PP
6 days fishing /
7 nights lodging
$5,300 PP $5,250 PP $5,100 PP
7 days fishing /
8 nights lodging
$6,100 PP $6,050 PP $5,900 PP
A fuel surcharge may apply

Accommodations are provided at the Longliner Lodge, located in downtown Sitka, with it's own private boat dock, waterfront restuarant and bar.

Close proximity to both Alaska salmon and nearby bottomfish grounds make combination fishing in Sitka an almost daily occurrence. Combination fishing is the ability to successfully fish for and catch multiple species in the same day. If you are planning a fishing trip to Southeast Alaska, this is absolutely one of Sitka’s strongest assets.

Your Alaskan fishing adventure starts here! For an experience you'll never forget, call (360) 461-1600 today to make a reservation.